Why is your premium cheats free?

Our game hacks are free because we aren’t doing this for profit, we’re doing it for the cheating scene. We’re tired of “private cheat” sellers that charge obscene amounts of money, that’s why ours are free. With that said, our downloads are locked and we get paid about 50c per download, this helps to pay for the website hosting.

Can you make a cheat for "insert game title"?

Maybe, if we get enough requests we might do it. Feel free to contact us and let us know!

How does the cheats work?

It depends on the game, but typically you open the game > start the hack > click a button such as F11 > voila, that’s it. Read more in-depth details about specific hacks on their respective pages.

Can I get banned with your cheats?

Our cheats are built just as paid ones, or even better. With that said; yes, there’s always a small risk, but it’s 1/1000. We constantly update our hacks for this exact reason.

We currently have over 10,000 hack users, with 3 recorded bans.